Our standard version of the Enrollment Guide has 25 pages, while your final version
may have more or less pages depending on which plan options are offered.

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Your template allows you to easily view all pages as thumbnail images. Simply click on the page you wish to edit, then on any text block, to make a change. You can change one word or an entire paragraph. Essential ERISA-based language is highlighted so your edits to these sections can be noted easily.

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The template package comes with a complete royalty-free Image Gallery with dozens of photos to use. The images are organized into demographic sections including singles, couples, families,
kids and retirees. Use these images to enhance your templates or upload and insert any other photos you choose.

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Your template also allows you to easily change colors to match an organization’s identity or preferred colors. Simply click on the area you wish to edit, then select any color you like. The same process allows for a company logo to be uploaded and inserted.

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