Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I re-use the set of templates for all of my clients?

A. Yes. Your purchase of the BDIY template package permits you to use the templates over and over for as many clients as you like. Be sure to first save a clean, unchanged set of templates in a special folder marked BenefitsDIY Templates on your computer before making edits to any of the templates. Copy this folder of templates and rename it for each of your clients with which you wish to share OR sell the templates.


Q. How much can I charge for the templates?

A. You can charge each of your clients any price you choose. You can even give the templates to your clients free of charge. The Terms & Conditions document provided outlines these facts.


Q. How much time will it take to edit and customize the
BDIY templates?

A. Since the templates are already designed and populated with basic benefits content, the time to customize each template will be based on how much of the information you or your client wishes to change. The Enrollment Guide and Meeting Presentation templates may take an hour or more, while the single-page templates, such as the Poster and Postcard, will take only minutes to finish.

Q. How long can I use my BDIY template package?

A. Your template package is available to you for editing for as long as you wish. However, a new template package will be available for purchase annually. This package will include any new mandated government language, updated general text, and refreshed graphics and photos. 


Q. Who is on the BenefitsDIY management team and what is their benefits communication experience?

A. Our 70+ team members average more than 20 years of benefits communication experience with diverse leadership and project management expertise in human resources, benefits management and employee communications. Many of our professional communicators and designers have deep experience with leading HR consultancies and Fortune 500 companies.


Q. What can we expect from BenefitsDIY in the future?

A. The team at BenefitsDIY is working on several additions to the template program. In future releases, we plan to include:

  • A series of brief benefit highlight videos

  • Industry-focused graphic designs and photos

  • More articles and newsletter editions